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Photobiomodulation Virtual Summit 2021


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October 1, 2021 8:30am October 3, 2021 5:30pm Free

Wallmart Street
Newyork, AK 7875485 United States
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About The Organizer

HISTORY We have been designing and manufacturing PBM devices since 1992. We have installed more than 5,000 systems across 70 countries and have delivered more than 30 million treatments. CUSTOMERS Our customers range from small medical practices to world famous institutions, including Harvard Medical School, University of Pennsylvania, New York University, St Jude Hospital, US Navy, RAF, British [...]

About The Organizer

Leading innovation in practical applications of transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) to improve brain functions and performance.

About Vielight Vielight is recognized as the innovation leader in the practical applications of transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM). TPBM is the application of low dose red or near-infrared (NIR) light to improve brain functions. Vielight’s experimental devices are in major clinical studies for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and traumatic brain injury, among others. Vielight is also investigating the use of its tPBM devices to enhance cognitive and sports [...]

About The Organizer

Patent pending polychromatic variable pulsed hand-held comprehensive healing device.

About You The Visum Light is a Patent Pending polychromatic variable pulsed hand-held light therapy device. Leading the way for operator-controlled dosing, color, pre-programmed patterns and Nogier frequency selection, the Visum Light is used for comprehensive healing with an intuitive and ergonomic design used by professionals and the DIY home user. The Visum Light is [...]

About The Organizer

NeoMedLight is engaged in treating and preventing mucositis and dermatitis, a huge unmet clinical need.

About NeoMedLight NeoMedLight is a french startup based in Lyon. NeoMedLight develops innovative medical devices targeted at a better delivery of phototherapy. The company benefits from a novel, unique and proprietary technology allowing the emission of light through woven optic fibers. NeoMedLight has launched CareMin650™ in March 2020. CareMin650™ has the CE marking. CareMin650™ is [...]

About The Organizer

LumiThera is a medical device company commercializing a multiwavelength Photobiomodulation device for the ophthalmologist’s office that improves vision and may slow the progression of vision loss in patients with degenerative eye disease.

About LumiThera LumiThera is committed to creating brighter horizons for patients by developing treatment solutions utilizing Photobiomodulation to improve visual function, to stop or slow the progression of debilitating eye diseases, and to prevent vision loss and blindness. LumiThera’s flagship product, the Valeda® Light Delivery System, is the first approved treatment for Dry Age-Related Macular [...]

About The Organizer

Leaders in Light Therapy Education ... helping YOU educate your clients and patients.

About Photonic Therapy Institute Photonic Therapy Institute (PTI) fosters a Community of individuals with the goal of better healing through Photobiomodulation. Our primary focus is Education. We provide online Photobiomodulation and Photopuncture courses for helping Humans, Horses and Pets. Photonic Therapy Institute hosts a weekly webinar, Office Hours, where all are welcome to attend and [...]

About The Organizer

It’s our mission to help people and animals to a better life

About PowerMedic PowerMedic was established in 1982 and we have been involved with the development and production of laser therapy devices right from the start. From day one, our overall objective has been to deliver technological solutions for people and animals to relieve pain. The goal is to create tools that, in the hands of [...]

About The Organizer

Sollay Medical Center provides comprehensive family medical care. Photobiomodulation is an important component of the care we provide.

Dr. Baker received his Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He completed his doctor of medicine (MD) degree at the George Washington School of Medicine. Dr. Baker was accepted and completed his internship and residency program in family medicine, added studies in women’s health at [...]

About The Organizer

Irradia AB specializes in medical laser equipment and LLLT/PBM, we have over 30 years of experience and our devices are developed and manufactured in Sweden.

MID-LASER consists of a table top unit (base unit) to which different laser handsets (laser probes) are connected, the MID-LASER has a built in lithium ion-battery, which means it can be operated without connecting it to a power outlet. MID-LITE is one of the most effective battery-driven medical lasers on the market, the MID-LITE is [...]

About The Organizer

Wearable light & heat for patient self-care.

Carewear is an American Manufacturer and developer of wearable light therapy devices and Apps for use by patients and athletes in the clinic, at home, in the field and on the road. Our patented devices are FDA registered as Class II Over-the-Counter medical devices (OTC), European CE MDD class IIa OTC medical devices and are [...]

About The Organizer

Our company is committed to pushing technological boundaries with light-based devices to improve the health of people.

About KerberUSA In 2020, KerberUSA Inc. was formed to bring SunPowerLED light based devices to the USA and other world markets. Our latest SunPowerLED technologies, available through KerberUSA, are just some of the successful PBM devices that we have developed and marketed over the last 15 years through our research and development company, Kerber Applied [...]

About The Organizer

Since its creation, Swiss Bio Inov has displayed its competence in the domains of design and manufacture of all types of lasers and electromagnetic spectrum sources.

ATP38® : BOOST THE REPAIRING POWER OF CELLS Since its creation, Swiss Bio Inov has displayed its competence in the domains of design and manufacture of all types of lasers and electromagnetic spectrum sources. Swiss Bio Inov, through its subcontractors, designs since 1990 electronic boards and wiring for all types of technical equipment. Quickly, the specialization [...]

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