Attention Presenters

Important Information for Presenters

We are pleased to have you participate at PBM2021. Below is a list of requirements and presentation tips to consider before your scheduled Zoom recording.





  • Plan a private space to present from
  • Will the room be quiet?
  • Will you be interrupted?
  • Does the room echo like a bathroom or kitchen?
  • Can you use a bedroom or other room with soft furnishings (we will provide you with a conference background which will hide the room behind you)
  • Zoom has an audio test button, use that to test record your voice and listen to the playback
    • Do sound like Elvis Presley in a bathroom?
    • If so move to a room with soft furnishings (sofa, bed, curtains), so you sound like Barry White or Sade.
  • Do you sound far away from your microphone?
    • If so use an external microphone rather than the one built-in.
  • Do your computer cooling fans make a noise?
    • If so use an external lapel microphone that will be close to our mouth rather than the one built-in which is close to your computer fans. We recommend the “Neewer Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone” or you could try the wired headphones that come with a mobile phone.
  • Maybe you have a friend or colleague with a more suitable room or better computer equipment you can use for the recording.


  • Will you be recording in the daytime or night when it is dark?
  • Will there be good daylight or does the room need bright lighting?
  • The light must be in front of you to light your face (not behind you which puts your face in a shadow)
  • You could purchase a low price studio lamps to light up your face. We recommend the Yongnuo YN300 Air Pro LED Video Light (you will also need the Yongnuo 60W 12V-5A AC Power supply). Available from Amazon and other retailers.
  • Two lamps (one on either side of your face) would be better, and three lamps (front, left, and right) would make you look like a movie star.
  • If you wear spectacles, please arrange your lighting to minimize lens reflections.
  • Zoom has a video preview you can use to see how your image is.


  • Modern computers with built-in webcams are good, but if you want something better, the Logitech C920 (1080p) or Logitech Brio (4K) will help that movie star look you deserve. You will need the software they recommend to adjust zoom, focus, brightness, and contrast, etc.
  • The camera is best at eye level. If using a laptop we suggest you get a shoebox or big pile of books raise the computer such that the camera is eye level.


  • Sitting is comfortable but maybe you look and sound better when standing up. Experiment in your home or office to see what works best for your sound and visuals.


  • Can we see your laundry? Can we see your washing or your unmade bed?
  • You could try and arrange a beautiful background but alternatively use the background image we supply. In Zoom preferences, you can change the background to an image of your choice. (click here for more information).
  • We would prefer you to use the PBM2021 background (PBM2021-ZOOM-BG.jpg—this is included in the “Presenter’s Pack below) but only if you use a professional green-screen background. Unless you have a professional green-screen background, we strongly suggest you revert to a better “real” background. Zoom have alerted users that when using the virtual background feature (such as the PBM2021 background) without a green screen, your video will be capped at 720p, potentially at 360p for some lower-end Windows computers or when internet bandwidth is low.


  • Think about what you are wearing. We suggest you dress as if you were presenting at a live event. Make sure your clothes do not clash with the background.

Computer, Software and Internet Bandwidth

  • make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Zoom
  • Perform any software updates your computer asks for.
  • Test your internet connection speed via Speed Test
  • If your internet connection is slower than 6Mbs, you will need to record from another location that meets these minimum speed requirements.



  • Do you have a plan for the quiet, private space to present from
  • Perform any software updates your computer asks for.
  • Test your internet connection speed Speed Test
  • If your internet connection is slower than 6Mbs, you will need to record from another location that meets these minimum speed requirements.
  • If your presentation includes video or sound we may need a copy of your presentation to transfer the best quality
  • Plan what you intend to wear and practice in front of Zoom (your Zoom software has a video preview function)



  • Restart your computer
  • Test your internet connection speed Speed Test
  • Test your sound
  • Test your camera
  • Check your lighting
  • Check your hair, we want you to look great


Zoom Tips

  • There are many videos advising on the lighting and sound and backgrounds that you can see on YouTube.
  • Search “How to look good on zoom”

Recording schedules

  • Our professional Videographer, Patrick Finnegan, will soon be in contact with you to schedule a recording schedule.
  • Once the time slot has been confirmed, he will send you an invitation to your Zoom Meeting (Webinar recording).
  • The Zoom Meeting invitation looks like a long URL.
  • The Zoom Webinar is an automated email with a link that says “Click Here to Join”. That’s a unique link you receive as a Presenter.


  • We recommend you practice your presentation several times before your scheduled recording.
  • Make sure you know how to screen-share your PowerPoint presentation (click here for more information).
  • Please be completely ready 30 minutes before your scheduled Recording start time.
  • Please ensure you have booked your presentation recording time slot correctly (make sure you have accounted for any timezone differences).
  • Note that PBM2021 we will be charged for all missed, interrupted, or canceled appointments, so select a time slot that you are certain will work.

Recording your presentation

  • Patrick, and/or one of his colleagues, will host each Zoom presentation.
  • They will check that you are ready, answer any questions you might have, start the webinar, ensure it is recording, and end the webinar.
  • In “post-production” we will be inserting an introductory video clip from a designated PBM2021 Chair.
  • Note that we are giving PBM2021 Scientific Chairs and a few committee members the option of joining in on your Zoom presentation.

The PBM2021 event

  • Prior to our PBM2021, we will provide a link to our platform that will allow you to upload your image and bio.
  • All our Webinars will allow delegates to comment, engage in Q&A, host private chats, and download your Presentation.
  • We expect that all speakers will log into the Conference website and make themselves available to attend the conference at the time your video is presented so that you can engage live with delegates, answer questions through the online chat feature.



Presenter’s Pack

Please click the button below to download logos and backgrounds for your presentation:

You are being transferred to Easychair—our Abstract Submission platform—where you will be prompted to create an account. Once you have created an account, follow the simple prompts to submit your abstract. Please indicate your preference for podium presentation, or if you prefer a poster presentation, include the word "Poster" after your keywords.

If your abstract is accepted, you will be required to register for the meeting before presenting.

Further registration instructions will be posted to this website when they come available.