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Thank you for your sponsorship of PBM2021!  PBM2021 is focused on Photobiomodulation therapy (PBM) becoming a mainstream medical procedure. Institutions such as NICE in the UK and medical insurance companies in the US now recognize PBM as “medically necessary”. Please consider crafting your ads and banners with this theme in mind. Be careful to meet medical regulatory standards (FDA, CE, TGA) when making claims or recommending treatments.

Platinum Sponsors

As a Platinum Sponsor, we will require the following deliverables from you as soon as possible.

For the homepage of the website

  • High res PNG or Vector logo

For your exhibition page (See an example here)

  • High res PNG or Vector logo
  • One sentence for the introductory quote at the top
  • Two paragraphs for the “About Us” section
  • Images for Showcase Gallery (at least 1200px x 900px)
  • Links to any videos you want to add to the Showcase Gallery
  • At least one PDF brochure for the Resources Section
  • Your website URL, email address, and Contact details
  • Links to your Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

For the PBM2021 3-day event

  • A 15-second promotional video/showcase – which will be shown before and after speaker presentations
  • 3 x 15-minute sponsor Workshops (recorded in HD 1920×1080) related to various applications for your products to be included in the Event Program. You will choose your topic and presenter. Note that these will be reviewed by the PBM2021 by the organizing committee for legal purposes.
  • A 15-second promotional video to be added to the Keynote session you have chosen to sponsor. Please see the program and inform our Sponsorships manager, Anne-Marie Quirin ( which keynote you wish to sponsor. This will be on a first-come first-served basis. Your Promotional video is primarily in reference to the Keynote address and speaker. The following script is an example of what some sponsors might use: “Our [name your devices] are widely used for [list some conditions].  We are indebted to the work of researchers like [keynote speaker] who I am proud to introduce today…”

For PBM2021 Social Media

  • Social media banner ads that we will display 3 times a month from now until the end of October 2021. (For Facebook we recommend 1200 x 1200 pixel banners; for Twitter 1080 x 1080 pixels; and for Instagram and LinkedIn 1080 x 1920 pixels).

For PBM2021 Email Campaigns

  • 2 x email messages (in HTML) and subject line that we will forward on your behalf to the NAALT and WALT mail lists (after approval for legal purposes)
  • 1 x JPG banner ad that we will place on NAALT and WALT websites and in newsletters, for 12 months post-conference (1200 x 900 pixels)

Please don’t hesitate to contact Anne-Marie if you have any questions (


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