Dr. Gregory Hipskind

Dr. Gregory Hipskind
MD PhD, University of California, and University of Colorado Health Science Center

S Gregory Hipskind MD PhD is a nationally recognized Nuclear and Behavioral Neurologist who specializes in the brain SPECT evaluation of traumatic and toxic brain injuries as well as their treatment with photobiomodulation therapy, or PBMT. He received residency training in both neurology and family medicine at the University of California, San Diego and University of Colorado Health Science Center, respectively, and was a research associate at Western Washington University while engaged in full-time clinical practice. He has published many peer-reviewed scientific articles in the area neurobehavioral medicine including the evaluation and treatment of ADHD, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and carbon monoxide poisoning. His recent publication on the use of transcranial LED light therapy to improve cognition and brain SPECT findings in Veterans with chronic TBI has been designated as a high impact article by several international research organizations. He became qualified in Nuclear Neurology in 2002 and has subsequently interpreted over 5,000 brain SPECT images. He is also a Certified Brain Injury Specialist as well as a Certified Light Therapy Coach and Instructor.

Dr. Hipskind has been an invited speaker to numerous professional gatherings at the state and local level as well as several international professional societies, including a featured speaker in 2015 on Capitol Hill on National TBI Day regarding brain SPECT and PBMT. He has been invited on multiple occasions to speak at the Grand Rounds of the University of Colorado Health Science Center regarding the role of Technology and Medicine in society. He has appeared on numerous national TV programs and documentaries. Dr. Hipskind has successfully advocated for the brain-injured patient in over 150 civil proceedings by successfully defending the validity of the science underlying functional brain SPECT imaging. He has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Washington State Medical Association, Chief Medical Officer and consulting physician to both Brain Matters, Inc and CereScan Corp., brain SPECT imaging facilities, and Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board and Director of Research for the InLight Medical Company. He currently serves as the Founder and President of Brain Injury Consulting, LLC.


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