Wearable light & heat for patient self-care.

Carewear is an American Manufacturer and developer of wearable light therapy devices and Apps for use by patients and athletes in the clinic, at home, in the field and on the road. Our patented devices are FDA registered as Class II Over-the-Counter medical devices (OTC), European CE MDD class IIa OTC medical devices and are TGA approved as medical devices in Australia. Our Carewear Clinical App provides patient guidance and compliance monitoring of our devices for effective management of patient care.

CareWear’s wearable light patches use powerful pulsed Blue 450 nm and Red 640 nm wavelengths to provide soothing warmth and optimal photonic energy production to increase circulation, increase healing and accelerate recovery. Our light patches provide up to 80 mw of total optical power and 144 Joules of energy during a single treatment comparable to clinical devices. Carewear provides proven results in Randomized Clinical Trials.




Carewear Corp.
1225 Financial Blvd,
Reno NV 89502

Wayne Smith VP Sales
480-245-9310 Cell Phone

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