Irradia AB specializes in medical laser equipment and LLLT/PBM, we have over 30 years of experience and our devices are developed and manufactured in Sweden.

MID-LASER consists of a table top unit (base unit) to which different laser handsets (laser probes) are connected, the MID-LASER has a built in lithium ion-battery, which means it can be operated without connecting it to a power outlet.

MID-LITE is one of the most effective battery-driven medical lasers on the market, the MID-LITE is a professional medical laser, developed to be easily used and easy to take with you when working out of doors, when visiting patients or when used within the clinic.

MID-laser and MID-lite availible in these wavelengths 450 nm, 520 nm, 635 nm, 808 nm, 904 nm.

MIDCARE was developed specifically to meet the requirements for safe use in a home care environment. The laser device is ergonomically designed for self-treatment. Laser emission starts when the device is placed in contact with the skin and slight pressure is applied. Available in 904 nm and 635 nm.

Irradias lasers have won the precidious design awards RedDot and IF.




Irradia AB
Fagerstagatan 9
163 55 SPÅNGA

Tel: +46 8 767 27 00
Cell: +46 70 10 88 88



Important Disclosure:  
Please note that Irradia devices are medical devices and are approved or registered with regulatory Authorities for sale under (examples  CE MDD, FDA, TGA etc.) and any jurisdiction accepting such regulatory approvals.

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