Our company is committed to pushing technological boundaries with light-based devices to improve the health of people.

About KerberUSA

In 2020, KerberUSA Inc. was formed to bring SunPowerLED light based devices to the USA and other world markets. Our latest SunPowerLED technologies, available through KerberUSA, are just some of the successful PBM devices that we have developed and marketed over the last 15 years through our research and development company, Kerber Applied Research. The SunPowerLED brand is a series of different patent pending PBM devices to meet various health needs and applications.

The SunPowerLED Palm Light projects a large round 40cm2 area of very high legitimate irradiances, between the range of 65 – 185 mW/cm2. The Palm unit is switchable between either Red or Near-Infrared light (NIR), and is applied directly on your skin.  This clustered LED light field benefits a patient in several subtle and powerful ways. Red or near-infrared light warms and dilates tissues from the skin surface and penetrates deeply into both joints and organs. This light has a beneficial effect at the cellular level that accelerates healing through increased circulation, swelling reduction, and the increase of energy in the mitochondria.

The SunPowerLED Mini-Canopy provides a large area treatment in 10 minute or less sessions. The Mini Canopy 620 cm2 size is perfect for treating larger problem areas of the body. Treatment time is similar to the smaller area SunPowerLED Palm series.




Tom Kerber
Amherst, NY, USA

1-905-517-3606  EST


Important Disclosure:  
Please note that SunPowerLED devices are not medical devices under most jurisdictions and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. SunPowerLED devices are currently classified as (FDA Registered as general wellness devices in the USA, as consumer products in Canada and as electrical equipment in the EU. Information as applicable to the area of sales activity) Note there is no wellness category in Australia.

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