NeoMedLight is engaged in treating and preventing mucositis and dermatitis, a huge unmet clinical need.

About NeoMedLight

NeoMedLight is a french startup based in Lyon. NeoMedLight develops innovative medical devices targeted at a better delivery of phototherapy. The company benefits from a novel, unique and proprietary technology allowing the emission of light through woven optic fibers.

NeoMedLight has launched CareMin650™ in March 2020. CareMin650™ has the CE marking. CareMin650™ is a disruptive solution leveraging our innovative Lightex® technology to tackle the huge unmet clinical need of mucositis and dermatitis in cancer patients and reduce its societal, emotional and economic burden.




Stephan Croakert Global Sales & Marketing Director
+32 479 95 20 55

90 Rue Frédéric Faÿs,
69100 Villeurbanne,


Important Disclosure:  
Please note that NeoMedlight devices are medical devices and are approved or registered with regulatory Authorities for sale under (examples  CE MDD, FDA, TGA etc.) and any jurisdiction accepting such regulatory approvals.

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