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About Photonic Therapy Institute

Photonic Therapy Institute (PTI) fosters a Community of individuals with the goal of better healing through Photobiomodulation. Our primary focus is Education. We provide online Photobiomodulation and Photopuncture courses for helping Humans, Horses and Pets. Photonic Therapy Institute hosts a weekly webinar, Office Hours, where all are welcome to attend and participate. The PTI Community unites students, therapists, researchers, teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs as well as clients/patients. This Community shares, helps and supports each other regardless of the Photobiomodulation delivery device used.

Photonic Therapy Institute was established by three Certified Light Therapy Instructors, with over 40 years combined experience with Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation).
The institute was founded in 2017. It was created to teach people how to use Light Therapy for the health and wellness of equines, humans, and pets.

Opening the possibilities of Light Therapy to a new realm, PTI designed curricula for activating.




Photonic Therapy Institute
P.O. Box 778
Sonoita, AZ 85637




Photonic Therapy Institute – Certified by the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (BANHS)


Important Disclosure:  
Please note that Photonic Therapy Institute devices are not medical devices under any jurisdiction and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Photonic Therapy Institute devices are currently classified as (general wellness devices in the USA, as consumer products in Canada and as electrical equipment in the EU. Information as applicable to the area of sales activity) Note there is no wellness category in Australia.

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