Visum Light

Visum Light

Patent pending polychromatic variable pulsed hand-held comprehensive healing device.

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The Visum Light is a Patent Pending polychromatic variable pulsed hand-held light therapy device. Leading the way for operator-controlled dosing, color, pre-programmed patterns and Nogier frequency selection, the Visum Light is used for comprehensive healing with an intuitive and ergonomic design used by professionals and the DIY home user.

The Visum Light is the latest development from Photonic Healing, LLC who also developed the AAH Lights. Responding to a request to combine all the colors in one light, the Visum Light was born.  This versatile light can be as easy as selecting the color and turning the unit on, to as sophisticated as one wants with color, dosing and frequencies.




Visum Light
Sharon Katzke



Important Disclosure:  
Please note that Photonic Therapy Institute devices are not medical devices under any jurisdiction and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Photonic Therapy Institute devices are currently classified as (general wellness devices in the USA, as consumer products in Canada and as electrical equipment in the EU. Information as applicable to the area of sales activity) Note there is no wellness category in Australia.

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